About Us

National Licensed Interpreter-guide Net Kanazawa (LINK)

We are a group of qualified National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters based in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, specialized in guiding around Kanazawa and its attractive neighboring destinations including Noto Peninsula, Kaga Hot-Spring Area, Shirakawa-go and Gokayama Villages, and Takayama City.

What We Do

Tour Guiding

Professional guide services provided by nationally accredited guides.


Interpretation services for lectures, seminars, business meetings or media events.


Translation services for legal forms, manuals, websites, leaflets, or business letters.

International Business Assistance

Let us help make your international events successful.

Dispatch of Language Teachers

Instructors are available for English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Korean, and Thai lessons.


Please contact us at info@kanazawaguidelink.jp for any more information you might need.

Standard Guide Rates

Up to 8 hours: Min. ¥25,000

Up to 4 hours: Min. ¥15,000

Overtime: 120% of the hourly fee

* Fees vary depending on the number of people in your group.

* Additional expenses (including admission fees, traveling expenses, meals, etc.) are the client’s responsibility.

Guides by Language

Please communicate with each guide directly at the contacts provided below. Conditions and rates of service are to be agreed upon with each guide. The National Licensed Interpreter-guide Net Kanazawa (LINK) does not take any responsibility for such services rendered.


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